Big Box of Cards Fundraiser

Our box card fundraiser is extended until March 19!

Big Box of Cards Fundraiser. Get a box of 35 cards for $35 from February 12 - 23 at St. Andrew's Co-op Playschool

Are you in need of birthday cards, holiday cards, or cards for any special occasion? We’re excited to announce the return of the Big Box of Cards fundraiser at St. Andrew’s Co-op Playschool!

For our returning families, this fundraiser will run similarly to last year. If you’re new to our community, fret not – ordering cards is a breeze.

Choose from three fantastic options:

Each box is priced at $35, and a portion of the proceeds will directly contribute to our school. To understand more about why we fundraise and where these funds go, check out the details here.

From February 12 and March 19. Don’t forget to spread the word among your family and friends, giving them the opportunity to order as well.

Stay tuned for confirmation on the pick-up date, which will be provided by the school at a later time. Your participation in the Big Box of Cards fundraiser not only fulfills your card needs but also plays a vital role in supporting St. Andrew’s Co-op Playschool. Join us in making this fundraiser a success and enhancing the experiences of our little ones!

Why do we fundraise?

At St. Andrew’s Co-op Playschool, fundraising is not just a necessity; it’s a crucial pillar that ensures our children have memorable and enriching experiences throughout the year.

The funds raised play a direct and impactful role, contributing towards essential elements like year-end trips and parties. These events are not merely moments of celebration but integral parts of our educational journey, fostering camaraderie, creativity, and lasting memories for our little ones. Thus, your support in our fundraising endeavours directly translates into enabling these experiences, creating a vibrant and nurturing environment for the children at St. Andrew’s Co-op Playschool.

Together, we’re not just raising funds; we’re crafting a foundation for joy, growth, and cherished moments that will stay with our children for a lifetime.

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